All this while I thought, letting go was the most painful thing I have to endure in life. It’ll leave you broken and restless for the agony of seeing the people you once love drift away from your path is somehow draining the life in you.

On the other side, it could be the best decision you could ever make for yourself. We have to accept that not everyone you love deserves a place in your life no matter how invested you’ve become to them. There will be a point that you’ll have to set them free to know yourself better and to allow yourself to grow.

Often times we do not see the reality that some people whom we chose to be with are slowly consuming our selflessness causing us to lose ourselves as time passes. But once we see the light, it was never too late to pick up the pieces back and regain ourselves.

I’m the happiest now knowing I no longer have to carry the weight of these people on my shoulders. They may have had a huge part in my life back then and that I really cherish. But I chose to let loose of myself from the shackles of being the second rate. The shadow of a dark and vicious nightmare. An option to their countless choices. An open door that they only come back to when there’s nowhere left to run. The pandora of ego boosting rants, fictional stories and self-made lies and deceptions. And most importantly, I found freedom from a suicidal bomb that’s ready to destroy me with all my fears and insecurities.

It’s only now that I found genuine peace in me. Thank God for the good riddance 🙂