This will going to be my first blog post and I really don’t know what stuff should I talk about.

As of the moment I am facing a very common dilemma that almost everybody is familiar of. The most abused topic of all (I guess so). And it is about LOVE.

Yeah! There are lots of types of love, love for the family, nature, pets, friends, food, wealth, power, success, etc… but of course my favorite is the special kind of love you feel either with opposite sex or same sex (you know what I mean).

As some saying goes:

Love is blind.

Love is sacrifice.

Love makes you stupid…

Love is like this and like that and all sorts of definition. A lot of people tries to give definition to what love is. But seriously, what really is LOVE?

Love varies from person to person yet it’s complicated to define something so powerful that brings out a lot of emotions in you and make you feel mixtures of mind blowing truths and realizations.

Sometimes, people feel it without them realizing it’s already been there. It’s really hard determine when does it ends and how it all really started. It has no boundaries and limitations that even the most impossible ones can feel it for each other. You’ll never know when will it strikes you. It can make you extremely happy and yet it can also tear you apart.

It’s unexplained, inevitable, mysterious and so powerful. Love alone may not keep you alive as the song says but it will give you lots of reasons to live.

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