Would you agree if I say SILENCE is more deafening than loudness?

It’s ironic (I know) but in my case, that’s how I feel most of the time.

Silence is filled with uncertainties, doubt, fear and unknown expectations. It often strikes you and leaves you with random thoughts in your head making it hard for you to figure out what the hell is the commotion.

In some cases, silence doesn’t always mean YES. It can also be a disapproval which can’t be blurted out or maybe a plain unsure decision that needed time to be processed.

Silence doesn’t always mean serenity and peace. It can be a deception of secrets and danger hidden underneath. It may serves as a traitor that stabs you behind once you find comfort with it.

I don’t accept silence as an answer in every question I made in life. It gives me contradicting thoughts that worsen my perception about a certain situation. It doesn’t give me clarity as to where I stand and confused me with the boundaries between what I choose to believe and what I have to believe.

Silence gives me endless possibilities of answers. It’s a barrier between words left unspoken where even the most obvious facts can be doubted for their realness. I often despise silence even though it’s my only escape to the loud sound of pain.

“Though the deaf can feel and see the truth in front of them, they still tend to second thought for the reason of not hearing what they believe is true.”

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