What are your standards for beauty?  What made you say a person is beautiful?

People seem to set different standards, basis and definition for the word beauty.

But let me ask you, what makes you feel beautiful?

White skin? Cute bright eyes? 36-24-36 vital stats? Pointed nose? Big boobs and bumps?

If you have all or most of these qualities then you are the girl of every man’s dreams. Basically the talk of town, envied by many, the target of adoration and praises. the one who has all the good qualities of an individual in the eyes of many. The lucky one who get the title BEAUTIFUL.

But you know what? That’s 80% bullshit and 20% fact! All of us have lowered the standards of true BEAUTY.
We often just look what’s on the surface and we always forget to assess what lies underneath.

We look down on people who are not given with physical attributes which we believe are perfect without even considering that some of these people are far more intelligent than us.

We bully those people who are fat because we idolize those skinny models we see on TV not knowing that some of these people are the reason behind a successful fashion show with a great production.

We degrade those people with disabilities and feel pity for them and yet we don’t recognize their talents and achievements on sports and other craft. They even manage to be better than those who doesn’t have disabilities.

We tend to judge these people without looking at the beauty in their individuality. We are overwhelmed with physical beauty making us blind with inner beauty which is the main component of what we really should be.

We love to imitate beautiful girls who has no brains, who does slutty things, who wasted their lives on vices and those who are considered to be good-for-nothing-bitches. We don’t seem to appreciate people who possess the true beauty an individual should have.

We are so much deceive that we even tend to change ourselves and pretend to be someone we’re not.

REAL BEAUTY really comes from within and just slightly enhanced by our outer cover. We should not go with the flow of what is usual and wrongly believed.


No body would believe that you are beautiful unless you believe it yourself. It’s not bad to be different for as long as you have the confidence. Don’t look on what’s lacking in you, instead make the best out of what you’ve got!

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