BitterSweet LOVE

♪♫ Why do we always hurt the ones we love. Why? ♫♪

A line from a song that always plays in my mind whenever I felt a sudden sting of loneliness within me. So again, why do hurt the ones we love?

Good thing if the one hurting you really loves you. At least you have the slightest reason to believe that maybe, he/she has just made a terrible mistake for bringing you pain and that love will eventually made him/her realize what he/she has done and will make it up to you. IDEAL setup aye?

But worst things worst, what if the person that brings you endless pain doesn’t feel even the tiniest bit of love for you? As if you’re no human entitled to feel the agony of every stitches and burn.

To where would you put yourself when the only paradise you believe in is within the hell that person builds around your world? Would you free yourself from imprisonment by the hope you hold on to that one day everything will be fine and that eventually all your sacrifices and felt pain will pay off and do you well?

Why do we all love to endure pain caused by people unworthy of the sanity that’s left in us?

HUMAN nature you may say. A cycle of never ending karma where the culprit is being betrayed by an Angel making the Angel the new culprit and so on and so forth

See how love, makes everybody mad almost about everything. Funny how this four-letter word could change a good heart to a hateful and destructive one.

Revenge was made known all because of LOVE.

When there’s LOVE there comes HATE.

When there’s LOVE there’s PAIN and SACRIFICES.

How come something so beautiful as LOVE has become the root of most evil life could offer us.

Yet we still longed for it, we still wanna feel it, we still search and fight for it. It has been considered one of the most powerful thing that revolves around everyone’s life.

How lovely it is to felt such wonderful feeling of Love without experiencing the hurtful stuffs that comes along with it.

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