Men’s Reasons (EXCUSES) for not wanting a Relationship With You

This blog post is just a compilation of some known reasons men say for not wanting a commitment with the opposite sex they’re hitting on. (well at least based on my friends and/or my experiences as well)

Some would say that they’re quite reasonable but in most cases they’re just petty excuses so as not to get tied up with all the dramas of having a “girlfriend.” Men’s EGO is also a factor.

Let’s start!

1. “I’m not yet ready for a commitment.”

– Prolly the most widely used excused by men. They aren’t ready for a commitment and yet they’re acting as if they’re your boyfriend, putting boundaries around you, getting jealous when other guys are flirting on you, yada… yada… bullcrap! Srsly?? 🙂 We can’t wait for you for a LIFETIME! As Coheed and Cambria said: “PLEASE MAKE UP YOU’RE MIND BOY BEFORE I HOPE YOU DIE!”

2. “I’m not good enough for you”

– Oh yes! Thank God you enlighten me! For a man to say that, you’re prayers just got answered girl! He ain’t good enough for you. Period. Now move on!

3. “You’re too <insert good characteristic here> for me”

– Mostly I get the “BRAINY” , “INTELLIGENT” , “KIND”, “HOT”  blahh blahhh blahh kind of thing from some men. They just can’t handle that. He’s too overpowered by his capital E-G-O.. oh mennnnnnnnn -___- SAD..

4. “I like you, but I love someone else”

– Really? You kiddin’ me? You’re talking for like 24/7, doing stuffs together, dating and all. Being sweet and sharing happy moments almost everyday and got no clue he’s in love with someone else :O DAMN! Hardcore sh*t aye? YOU FLIRTY LIL BASTARD! (oooopsss too much cursing, sorry! HAHA)

5. “I have other priorities, I can’t deal with a relationship right now.”

– Probably the saddest of em’ all. After all of the happy memories you’ve had. All the understanding you made when they’re too busy to call or spend time with you. After letting you hope there could be something so special waiting for the two of you. Hey guys! We could be supportive of your career, sports, unusual hobbies you have and other stuffs in your life. But yea, he suddenly drop the bomb! YOU-CAN’T-BE-ONE-OF-HIS-PRIORITIES. ~end of story~

Liking/Loving a man is a LOVE-HATE thing. It’s either you tolerate they’re immature thinking and love them despite of their “ASSH*LE” personalities or simply let them be and move on with you’re lives.

Maybe men doesn’t like to depart from their SINGLE status so as not to get limited access in the flirting world. We must also accept that they value their own personal space so much that they are worried that if they get into a relationship, they might not be able to do their usual stuffs. I understand that, but it takes a REAL MAN to be selfless enough to submit for the ones he truly love.


They say:


and I say:

I love him anyway. HAHA jk 😉

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