Emotions are controlled they say.
And I’d like to believe that in some way.
The rage of anger, the attack of fear
Outbursting joy, and endless tears
But how could you contain such force
That somehow needs be released
which demanded so loudly to be felt and..
requires acknowledgment at least
Who would want to keep the joy
that a soul’s been longing for?
Or pull back the pain that pours down
from the eyes that’re tired once more?
How can you stop the fury
That you’ve been battling within you?
When your sanity is the price
if it ain’t set loose on due
Would you just ignore the terror
that haunts you everyday?
Left you in turmoil with sleepless night
Do you think that’s just okay?
As much as we would like to believe
that emotions could be controlled
there are things that are inevitable
and deserves to be unfold.

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