I’m as bitter as coffee, damn so cold as ice
Most think that am naughty, well believe me am nice
I act beyond normal and do as I pleased
but am controlled by my loved ones, am never at ease
Most days I’m quiet, I’d never say a word
Locked down on my dungeon, have no one to hold
Got no problems my dear am just used that way
Don’t panic, don’t worry. Rest assured am okay.
I do feel depressed, most days of my life
That downing feeling made me hold a knife
However, just like any other, emotions do change
An episode just pass by, that’s just another page
When nobody seems to understand me
My anger, fears, sadness and joys are set free
All these are divulge through writing and poems
Words, music, solitude and arts serves as my drones
Unpredictable, weird, loner and snob
Just some of the words they think bout you of
Questioning day in and out, and sometimes made you cry
“Is enjoying ones solitude is really some crime?”
T’was never easy to be misunderstood
You can’t seem to portray what you really should
At the end of the day, what matter is “YOU”
Don’t care about “them” for you know what’s true

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